Welcome to CoTeSys.

On October 31, 2014 the cluster Cognition for Technical Systems – CoTeSys  finally ended. The funding for the project was not extended.

We wish to thank the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) and the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) for their kind support of the Munich-based cluster CoTeSys, which was financed under the German Excellence Initiative from 2006 until October 2014.

Furthermore, we would like to thank all cooperating researchers as well as all our partners in academia and industry.


CoTeSys stands for „Cognition for Technical Systems“.

Cognitive capabilities such as perception, reasoning, learning, and planning turn technical systems into systems that „know what they are doing“. Starting from the human brain the Cluster of Excellence „CoTeSys“ investigates cognition for technical systems such as vehicles, robots, and factories. Technical systems that are cognitive will be much easier to interact and cooperate with, and will be more robust, flexible, and efficient.

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AI Production Will Continue To Grow For Many Years To Come

Artificial Intelligence has been something people have heard about for a long time now, but with the advances of technology, it isn’t just something you might see in Science Fiction films any longer. Products that incorporate AI have become commonplace in today’s world and will only become so even more as time goes on. With the introductions of Cortana embedded in Microsoft Operating Systems along with Amazon Alexa, Apple SIRI and so many other things that people find to be things that they feel like they just can’t live without or could even fathom not living with in this day and age. AI is in fact becoming even smarter as the days go on with creators making self driving cars, robots that mimic humans with uncanny ability and so on. Businesses have been clamoring to get in on the action so that they can become bigger players in the manufacturing and selling of AI products. Getting in on the ground floor is exactly where these businesses want to be at because the amount of money that’s to be made in this field is astounding if you look at and think about the actual numbers involved. Automakers have even gotten in on the action when it comes to AI with self driving cars becoming the next big thing to come out in regards to AI. When a car is considered to be self driving there are so many pieces that can be considered to be AI to make one self driving vehicle. While AI is continuing to evolve companies have even begun to sign agreements that state that they will not ever build AI concepts with the intentions of having the AI do harm in any manner which is a very scary sounding matter in its own right, but that is the territory when it comes to the idea of AI and any matter pertaining to it. Some people have even started making noise in different circles that AI needs to be regulated by governments around the world in order to keep the production and on what exactly the usage for said AI production is. One thing is certain and that is that AI is here to stay and it is only going to continue to grow immensely in the years to come and that everyone that has their hands in on any kind of AI production should be extra careful as to how they should manufacture and produce AI products going forward.