Seminar: The Role of Abstraction and Hierarchical Structures in Cognitive Systems

06/11/2012 : 15:21

This IAS-CoTeSys-seminar is organised by the IAS focus group "Cognitive Technology" and takes place in Garching at the IAS building.

The purpose of this workshop is to collect and share the different views on abstraction in cognitive systems, views of people working in various related fields in order to gain a general understanding of the role of abstraction mechanisms in natural and artificial cognitive systems. The presentations should have a holistic focus on the larger-scale context of cognition, including the assessment of research directions and open questions as drawn from the experience of the speaker. Specific scientific results may be presented, but should not be the focus.

The workshop will take place on July 22-23, 2012 at the IAS building in Garching.
The registration is free of charge. Please register here.