Research Area A

Neuro-biological and neuro-cognitive foundations

Research area A investigates the neuro-biological and neuro-cognitive foundations of cognition in technical systems by empirically studying cognitive capabilities of humans and animals at the behavioral and brain level.

Researchers will investigate, in human subjects, the cognitive control of multi-sensory perception-action couplings in dynamic, rapidly changing environments. Research area A will follow an integrative approach by combining behavioral and cognitive-neuroscience methodologies.

The task of research area A is to establish experimentally how these control functions are performed in the brain, in order to provide

  1. neuro-cognitive "models" of how these functions may be implemented in technical systems and
  2. guidelines for the effective human-factors-based design of man-machine interfaces.

One of the key results for the research areas B to E will be a comprehensive model of cognitive control combining mathematical and neural-network models with models of symbolic, production systems-type information processing.

In contrast to existing models that are limited to static, uni-modal (visual) environments and simple motor (e.g. keypress) actions, the CoTeSys model will cover cognitive control in dynamic, rapidly changing environments with multi-modal event spaces.