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Innovation@CoTeSys II
Area(s): Z - Education & Awareness

Integrated new product development of cognitive products

Project Duration: ............ 10/2006 through 10/2012

A project-based student seminar and student projects explore the potential of artificial cognitive capabilities to drive the next generation of consumer products.

Development of new cognitive products, where few exist today, requires an innovative, multidisciplinary and hands-on approach. In contrast to competitions, students are motivated by entrepreneurial drivers to create exciting new products that are useful and desirable to users, potentially patentable and interesting to industry. The seminar also motivates students to become researchers within the cluster and creates new links with industry.

Innovation@CoTeSys consists of two parts: a project-based seminar in the winter semesters and a collection of either follow-on or new student projects in the summer semesters. In the seminar, ambitious and motivated students from three departments, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science work in teams of about five people on a multidisciplinary project during one semester supported by scientific assistants as coaches. The seminar uses project-based learning that combines lectures on key topics for the project, e.g. cognitive technical systems and the PCA loop, workshops providing necessary hands-on skills and soft skills, including interdisciplinary team work and making presentations in English. The project-based seminar lasts 15 weeks and student teams are given a budget for prototyping.

The seminar includes focused lectures on cognitive capabilities and methods, product development, prototyping, intellectual property and business plans. The user-centered process follows three steps: (1) generating product ideas that match cognitive capabilities with current trends and user needs, (2) turning product ideas into concepts that are useful, usable, desirable and technically feasible and (3) testing them through functional and form prototyping. A hardware and software prototyping toolkit was developed for the seminar and hands-on prototyping workshops are given.

The first seminar (SS 2007), in collaboration with E.ON, was on the topic of cognitive products to promote energy savings in the household. The second seminar (WS 2007/2008), in collaboration with Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (B/S/H), was on the topic of cognitive ovens for the intelligent kitchen. In SS 2008 the development of an autonomous robot for serving coffee was tackled by the scientific assistants in the project. The seminar in the WS 2008/2009 was focused on the topic "Playing: Cognitive toys for young and old".

Integrated new product development of cognitive products

Example cognitive products developed: (left) a wireless interface for user-adapted cooking, (middle) an autonomous coffee robot and (right) a robot swarm game platform.

Integrated new product development of cognitive products

Integrated new product development of cognitive products

PI: Institute Dep. Org.
Project Leader:
Kristina Shea Product Development MW TUM
Project Partners:
Michael Beetz Intelligent Autonomous Systems IN TUM
Udo Lindemann Product Development MW TUM
Tim Lüth Medical Engineering TUM
Birgit Vogel-Heuser Informationstechnik im Maschinenwesen MW TUM
Klaus Diepold Data Processing EI TUM

Date of this information: .......... 5/2012