Research Area F

Demonstration Scenarios

Complex experimental environments define the milestones for the integration of cognition into technical systems and serve as the main driving forces for the research in the cluster.

There are three demonstration scenarios:

Cognitive Household

Mobile robots acting in domestic or humancentered environments and perform everyday tasks in multi-human, multi-robot collaborative scenarios. Examples are a robot acting in a sensor-equipped kitchen or a robot navigating in a city retrieving directions from pedestrians.

Multi Joint Action

Several robots cooperate with humans in physical (e.g., for manipulation) and higher level cognitive (e.g., scene interpretation) tasks. This scenario requires not only highly advanced individual technical systems, but also sophisticated communication and coordination capabilities.

The demonstration platforms and scenarios challenge fundamental research, provide an essential platform for interdisciplinary cooperation, and are the stage for CoTeSys engineering research.

Cognitive Factory

A production line for individualized manufacturing is considered. Cognitive aspects include skill acquisition, process planning, self-adaptation, and self-modelling. The production line includes autonomous mobile robots with manipulators for maximum flexibility.