GirlPower at CoTeSys

04/29/2010 : 14:12

These five girls visited CoTeSys on April 22, 2010. copyright: CoTeSys

The Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys participated at the GirlsDay for the first time.

This day is organized to attract more girls for professions in technology or natural sciences. Robots of kinds and all sizes were the topic of the day at CoTeSys.  How do you programme a Lego robot? What does a service robot need in order to be able to do household chores? And how does a computer recognize a face? CoTeSys research scientists answered these questions. A highlight for the five girls aged 13 and 14 was the programming of the Lego MindStrom robots. Going back and forth, turning around or grapping a ball were tasks the girls could do within an hour even though they did not have any experience before.