Best Paper Award for CoTeSys

01/05/2010 : 15:14

Best Paper Award for CoTeSys paper at ROBIO 2009.

The CoTeSys Principal Investigators Prof. Brandt, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Wallhoff won the Best Paper Award at the ROBIO 2009.

The Award for Best Paper in Biomimetic was given to Erich Schneider, Stefan Kohlbecher, Klaus Bartl (all LMU), Frank Wallhoff (TUM) and Thomas Brandt (LMU) for the paper: "Experimental Platform for Wizard-of-Oz Evaluations of Biomimetic Active Vision in Robots" at the IEEE Internantional Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (Robio 2009) in Guilin, China in December 2009.

They won this prize for the development of the world's smallest robots eyes and their control. These are for example used in the Robot ELIAS.