Tremendous Interest in Assistive CoTeSys Kitchen

10/26/2009 : 12:57

Two future scientists? Two little girls looking at the robot ICube. © CoTeSys

As part of the open door day at the Garching research campus, CoTeSys opened the doors of its "assisitive kitchen" where robots are to learn how to set a breakfast table.

More than 800 persons were estimated - many parents with young  children - who squeezed themselvses through the narrow laboratory of Prof. Michael Beetz to get a glimpse at robots and their fascinating movements. While one robot was learning how a breakfast tabel looks like, another 1,50 mtr small humanoid  iCub robot fascinated young and old because of the natural movements. Still further at the kitchen counter, a strong, but very smart and dextrous robot transferred theory and software into intelligent action, and showed how objects and pieces are placed from the counter to the breakfast table. Michael Beetz found "that many questions, especially from children, were right to heart of scientific problems, like: how does the robot learn?"

Experince from this open door day will be used for the educational activities of CoTeSys. "CoTeSys is not only the largest research project on cognitive technologies", so the General Manager Dr. Uwe Haass, "but we have a plight to inform the general public and to raise interest in schools to make both, our topic of scientific work, and our profession,  more attractive". The great success at the CoTeSys Garching Kitchen seems to prove its potential.