Prof. Georg Färber retired

05/25/2009 : 09:34

Prof. Georg Färber gets his fare-well present from a robot.

Prof. Georg Färber from the Institute of Real-Time Computer Systems, one of the first Principal Investigators of CoTeSys was officially seen off in a celebratory colloquium.

When someone works with technical systems intensively then a robot certainly has to be involved in the farewell-ceremony. Hence, a robot brought Prof. Färber presents from Prof. Martin Buss and his teams at CoTeSys the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering. With research interests like Real Time Computer Systems, Real Time Vision for Mobile Robots and Automotive Applications Prof. Georg Färber was working with robots for a long time in his professional career.

Since 1973 Prof. Färber has been Chair and Director of the Institute of Real-Time Computer Systems. He was also one of the first Principal Investigators in the Cluster of Excellence and very committed in his work always engaged to get the best results for CoTeSys.

CoTeSys wishes Prof. Färber all the best for his retirement.