Girl's Day

04/30/2009 : 15:57

Interested in sciences or a technical career? Cornelia Wendt (picture above) motivated girls to take up a career in one of these fields.

50 girls invited to the Universität der Bundeswehr - Cornelia Wendt introduced work of CoTeSys

On April 25th the fraction of young girls on the campus of the Universität der Bundeswehr was unusually high: it was Girl's Day. Companies, universities and other institutes opened their doors to enthuse girls for engineering  and sciences on this day.

Cornelia Wendt from the department of ergonomics introduced the CoTeSys project in which the Universität der Bundeswehr is involved as well as the topic of her PhD-thesis to the girls. She is doing a PhD on robots and emotions. "I did not even know that there is something like that at all", was the amazed reaction from one of the girls.