Extended Board re-elected

04/16/2009 : 08:38

Prof. Gordon Cheng and Prof. Boris Vexler now in the Extended Board

Since two members of the Extended Board accepted positions at universities outside Munich, their positions needed to be re-elected. At the meeting of the Principal Investigators on 3 April 2009, Prof. Gordon Cheng (Technische Universität München) was elected for the position of "Research marketing". Responsibility for "Young Researchers" will be taken care of by Prof. Boris Vexler (Technische Universität München). We congratulate both of them.

Prof. Barbara Deml left Munich and is now at the University of Madgeburg, Institute of Ergonomics, Manufacturing Systems and Automation (IAF). Prof. Olaf Stursberg took a professorship at the University in Kassel.  We would like to thank both very much for their commitment to CoTeSys.