Robot Junior - CoTeSys visits Primary School

03/23/2009 : 17:42

First visit in a primary school was very successful for LearnING project of CoTeSys.

The CoTeSys-project LearnING aims to spark interest of pupils and students towards robotics and cognitive systems. The first visit of the LearnING-team in a primary school in Ottobrunn was very successful. The 8 to 10-year-old pupils were very excited about the possibility to learn more about robotics.

In the project the children learn in a playful way more about current topics in robotics. For example the children used their creativity to design a robot for a purpose of their choice. Each group presented their robot to the rest of the class and explained its skills and possible fields of applications. The interest was so enormous, the module will be repeated in the next school year.

This project tries to create new educational modules which will be designed to make on the one hand the current challenges within cognitive robotics understandable for the pupils and on the other hand motivate them to deal and think about these problems and see them as interesting scientific opportunities. Explicitly, the modules will be developed to attract girls to this topic. At the end of April the second course will take place.