Open house

10/30/2008 : 09:22

Lots of visitors used the opportunity to learn more about the research carried out at the Campus Garching. The CoTeSys demonstrations were very well received.

The open house at the Campus in Garching was very successful with more than 5.000 visitors who took the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the different research institutions located there. The Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management also presented CoTeSys projects: Jahir (Joint Action for Humans and Industrial Robots), ACIPE (Adaptive Cognitive Interaction in Production Environments), and CogMaSh (Cognitive Machine Shop).

Jahir demonstrates how humans and robots can effectively work together in the cognitive factory. CogMaSh aims at the design, the implementation, and the analysis of cognitive production systems. Creating an assistive system, which is able to give workers required information in intuitive ways at the right time and enables an ergonomic interaction of a worker and her/his environment is the research aim of ACIPE.Due to the huge interest in the demonstration of their work the scientist were very satisfied. The next open house will take place in autumn 2009.