Robots on Tour great success

03/13/2013 : 15:23

Huge crowd in front of the TUM booth.

Robot Roboy. copyright: CoTeSys/ICS/TUM

The robotic festival for the 25th anniversary of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zürich was very successful.

The robots were calling and thousands of curious humans came to have a closer look at the latest developments in robotics at the "Robots on Tour"- event in Zürich/Switzerland.

Apart from iCub, Baxter, Nao, PR2, Amar, and Geminoid, over 40 robots came to Zürich. One of the stars was the robot "Roboy", which was only introduced in Zürich. The robot was built in only 9 months for the anniversary and is developed after a human with bones and tendons. 

The robot Maskbot from the CoTeSys-founded Institute of Cognitive Systems (TUM) attracted the crowd as well, with many visitors discussing and asking about future design of robots.

Report on the event of the University of Zürich.

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