Robots on Tour in Zurich

02/20/2013 : 13:27

The Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys and the Institute for Cognitive Systems/TUM present their robots on the "Robots on Tour", March 8-9, 2013.

Together with the Institute of Cognitive Systems, CoTeSys will present two robots on the "Robots on Tour - World Congress and Exhibition of Robots, Humanoids, Cyborgs, and more" an international exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland.

The event is held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the
University of Zurich's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab), in March 2013. It is expected to draw enthusiasts, robotics fans, robots and cyborgs to Zurich from across the world in order to see the robots of the future and perhaps to shake hands with them.

Visitors can meet the robotic lamp Gertie and the MaskBot in the CoTeSys/TUM booth.
The theme of robotics is to be presented to the general public in an informative and entertaining way with a series of demonstrations and shows.