Huge crowds at "Forscha" fair

11/06/2012 : 09:20

Robot Nao was of huge interest to the kids at the Forscha fair in Munich.

55.000 visitors, mostly families with young children, came to the Forscha fair, an interactive trade fair for technical and natural sciences, which took place from November 2-4, 2012 in Munich. CoTeSys' robot Nao was constantly encircled by children.

Roughly 40 experimental stations invited children to learn and experience natural sciences, technical topics and of course, robotics. CoTeSys presented Nao and a Bioloid robot with whom one can play the game "scissors, rock and paper" as well as the robotic lamp Gertie. Gertie can express emotions like joy, fear or surprise. 

The visitors young and old were very interested in the research topics of CoTeSys and even though some of the young visitors were a bit scared by the humanoid robot Nao most of them really found it cute and liked its dancing. 

Our fellow exhibitor "N-Bahn Freunde München e.V." published some pictures of events - watch here.