Curious looks in the CoTeSys labs

12/15/2011 : 09:21

During the First European Robotics week school kids at the Deutsche Museum had the opportunity to question scientists of the CoTeSys cluster via a video conference.

One group of virtual visitors caught a glimpse of the Multi-Joint-Action lab, a workshop setting, in which humans and robots are working together. Research assistants Tamara Lorenz and Timo Fritzsch explained the robots as well as their specific research projects. After a general introduction on how the robot works and finds its way around, the robot Eddie showed how he can mirror emotions like anger or surprise. One key feature of CoTeSys is interdisciplinary work and Tamara Lorenz explained the role of psychologists in a robotic project. 

A second group had the opportunity to visit the kitchen laboratory of CoTeSys, in which robot James made popcorn. Here research assistants Ingo Kresse, Alexis Maldonado and Thomas Rühr explained how the robot uses its different sensors, eg. thermal sensors or the kinect to be able to complete tasks like making popcorn.

The events featured throughout the European Robotics Week offered many opportunities for the public, particularly school kids, to have hands on interactions with robots in an educational or public setting. From shaking hands with a robot to robotics competitions, school visits, open lab tours, exhibitions … - there were many great activities.

The video-conferences were established to give pubils a chance to look into the working environments of researchers of Technische Universität München. They are organized by TUMLab.