First prize in science photo contest

09/23/2011 : 14:40

The prize-winning picture. © CoTeSys/Kurt Fuchs

A picture of science photographer Kurt Fuchs, taken with research assistant Federico Ruiz (TUM) and iCub robot won the first prize in the German Prize for Science Photography.

Kurt Fuchs' picture from a project of the CoTeSys cluster was awarded with the first place in the competition "deutsche preis für wissenschaftsfotografie" (German prize for science photography). The jury choose Fuchs' picture because of his surprisingly emotional shot of a robot.

The robot shown in the picture is iCub. Federico Ruiz, research assistant at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group of Prof. Michael Beetz commented: "We are of course very proud. What makes this picture so special is the fact that it shows a childlike humanoid robot starting to explore it's first manipulation capabilities using a children's typical game: playing Lego."

The childlike robot is used to study  cognition through the implementation of biological motivated algorithms, e.g. the complexitiy of human movements. There are currently 20 iCub robots in laboratories around the world.

The prize is worth € 7.000,- and is donated among others by the German magazine "Bild der Wissenschaft".