First CoTeSys Tracking Workshop

07/23/2010 : 14:10

Participants of the CoTeSys Tracking Workshop at the CoTeSys Central Robotics Laboratory© CoTeSys

"Tracking from Images and Other Sensors in CoTeSys Projects" was the theme of the first CoTeSys tracking workshop.

Within CoTeSys, the topics of detecting, tracking, and interpreting moving persons or robots are essential. Several research teams developed trackers, others use commercial systems. In order to get feeling for the range of devices used within CoTeSys, the first internal workshop that presented these trackers took place in June, 2010. With stops at different CoTeSys-projects at Forschungscampus Garching, the CCRL (CoTeSys Central Robotics Laboratory) and the CCRL II in Karlstr. 45 both in downtown Munich as well as the Neurological Clinic of the LMU, the participants investigated a whole range of trackers. The presentation focused on questions like what state is the tracker in – does it already work in a demonstration scenario or is it still under research? Is it real-time capable? Does it track whole bodies in motion or only parts of it like extremities?

This workshop was also the first official seminar of the newly founded Graduate School of Cognitive Technical Systems, the thematical graduate school of the cluster. The workshop was also the first joint program for doctoral candidates both at CoTeSys as well as in the GSN Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences at LMU.