New CoTeSys satellite project

09/15/2010 : 17:40

© Uli Benz/TUM

A robot that helps elderly people to communicate is the research objective of the project ALIAS - Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant, a new CoTeSys satellite project.

The aim of the European project ALIAS is to help elderly people to stay connected to his or her social network and thus improve their quality of life by reducing loneliness and increasing cognitively stimulating activities.
ALIAS facilitates social contacts by creating connections to people and events in the wider world. The plan is to develop, in three years, a mobile robot that interacts with elderly users, monitors their home environments, and provides cognitive assistance in daily life.

The project is supported by the European Ambient Assisted Living – AAL Joint Programme for three years with a total budget of 3.87 million euros and a requested AAL contribution of 2.36 million euros.The project is coordinated by Prof. Frank Wallhoff, CoTeSys Principal Investigator, and is one of the CoTeSys satellite project.

The project involves three academic institutions or public research organizations, five small hightechnology enterprises and one end-user organization (TU Ilmenau, Eurecom, Cognesys, Guger Technologies, MetraLabs, Synergiums, Youse, PME Familienservice) in four different countries in Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg).