Autonomous Robot Mu-Car 3 successful

06/04/2010 : 09:52

The autonomous robot MuCAR-3 was once again successful at the European Land Robot Trial (Elrob) in Hammelburg, Germany. The autonomous car of the University of Armed Forces, Munich was the best robot in the convoy drive as it managed all three levels of difficulties in the fastest time. Furthermore, the so called mule transportation task was also most successfully performed by the team of Professor Wünsche.

MuCAR-3 (short for Munich Cognitive Autonomous Robot Car, 3rd Generation) participated outside formal competition as the team insisted for security reasons on an escort on the driver’s seat. Nevertheless, MuCAR-3 impressed the jury by its performance. The first two difficulties in the drive in convoi were accomplished without any human interference completely autonomous in only 16 minutes. The second best team needed for these tasks over an hour and had to give in by the second task.

In the second challenge the so called mule transportation, MuCAR was the only robot that drove autonomously to the starting point, then followed a human 800 meters on a forest track, remembered the way and returned autonomously to the point of departure. It carried on with this round for an hour more managing the course with only one human correction at a junction.

MuCAR-3 is a VW Touareg with lots of cameras and a laser scanner with 64 integrated sensors to measure distances. The laser rotates ten times per second and produces one million points. Some of the systems and algorithms as well as many scientific aspects have been developed within CoTeSys.

The competition Elrob provides an overview of the current state of affairs in European unmanned system technology. It is a competition for universities as well as industry to demonstrate and compare the capabilities of unmanned systems in realistic scenarios and terrains.