Video conference to Deutsches Museum

The main goal of the activities in the field of public relations is to raise the awareness of society to the important research topics the CoTeSys scientists deal with. A special focus is dedicated to the challenging task of implementing cognitive capabilities in technical systems. Nevertheless as robotics is such an important topic for our future society, all aspects of our highly sophisticated, interdisciplinary work are addressed.

Therefore, CoTeSys uses a number of different ways to address the different target groups: contact with the media via press conferences and press releases, participation in fairs like “Hannover Messe” or “Automatica”, events like “Open door days” or specific tours for students and pupils either in the Central Robotics Laboratories or with video conferences transmitted to Deutsches Museum.

Here you can find:

  • Journalists can find background information, our newsletter and press releases
  • We provide interview partners and expert commentary
  • Information on special events like press conferences