Why should I join?

The participants get:

  • Qualification: 3 for non-scientific courses (e.g., project management)
  • Scientific courses, summer schools, colloquia, workshops:  6 SW hours distributed over 3 years
  • support for 6 weeks abroad (max. 1.600 EUR), profit from the international network of CoTeSys
  • Kick-off seminar 3-4 day, final meeting
  • profit from the internationality and the great interdisciplinarity in CoTeSys
  • Honors Degree together with PhD diploma
  • easy networking within the Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys
  • Network with other doctoral candidates within TU-GS

Who can join?

All doctoral candidates in CoTeSys who have a connection to TUM (either by scholarship, employment or financed by industry but enrolled at TUM) can participate in the CGC. Details and forms are in the section "Application". 

What does the program look like?

Each member of the CGC has to collect a certain amount of credits while participating in the Graduate School. These one can usually get with scientific and soft-skill courses.

The scientific courses are workshops organized by the Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys and usually deal with interdisciplinary question from the research field of CoTeSys, namely cognition.

The main language in the CGC is English, all seminars in the CGC are held in English. 

There are some rules on how to obtain these credits but the participants can choose which seminars they want to take part in. A list with institutions offering courses at TUM can be found here

Financial support:

The Kick-off meeting and the final seminar are free of charge.

The stay abroad is financed with max. € 1.600,-.



The Credit System

One-day workshop, summer school or research course 0.5
Own contribution (e.g. talk, speech, demonstration; a poster dows not count as personal contriburtion) to a workshop, summer school or research course 0.5
Participating in talks of CoTeSys, internal or external 1/10
Participating in lectures of the TUM or the LMU SWS of the lecture
Participating in the CoTeSys Workshop 1 SWS (only 4 of the 6 SWS needed, can be gatherd participating in CoTeSys Workshops)
Organizing a workshop or summer school 1

Details on obtaining credits

What are SWS? SWS are "Semesterwochenstunden", semester periods per week. This is a certain amount of time which you have to spend on seminars or workshops. Overall 6 SWS are needed in the graduate program.

Further information:

The GC member can get SWS credits from workshop, summer school or research courses in which he/she participated in the past, according to the afore mentioned rules.

The GC member has to report the participation in SWS relevant activities to the CoTeSys Manager. The SWS of each GC member are managed by the CoTeSys Manager.

The GC member has to attend in at least one (1) CoTeSys GC retreat, with a duration of 2 -3 days, and present his/her current fields of research. He/she can earn 1 SWS for the praticipation.

It is recommended that each member should organize at least one workshop or summer school by himself or in cooparation with other GC members. The organisation is rewarded with 1 SWS.

The CoTeSys GC is organizing one retreat per year where the CGC member can present and discuss the current fields of research of the participants. The main goal of the retreat is networking within the CGC community and the possibility to get additional feedback.