The CoTeSys cluster of excellence investigates cognition for technical systems. Cognitive technical systems are equipped with artificial sensors and actuators, integrated and embedded into physical systems, and act in a physical world. They differ from other technical systems as they perform cognitive control and have cognitive capabilities.

Cognitive control orchestrates reflexive and habitual behavior in accord with longterm intentions. Cognitive capabilities such as perception, reasoning, learning, and planning turn technical systems into systems that "know what they are doing". The cognitive capabilities will result in systems of higher reliability, flexibility, adaptivity, and better performance. They will be easier to interact and cooperate with.

The CoTeSys cluster combines the research competence in neuroscience, natural sciences, engineering, computer science, and humanities to design, implement, and analyze the information processing mechanisms needed for cognitive technical systems.

The first defining research character of the CoTeSys research program is the development in two equally strong columns: the realization of cognitive capabilities and the focus on technical systems.

The second defining mark is the tight interaction between the demonstration and the other research areas. Because of these characteristics, CoTeSys is in an excellent position to exploit Munich's outstanding research infrastructure and strengths in an optimal way.

Having technical systems as our targeted application fields positions CoTeSys in a key innovation field that is vital for Germany's high-tech industry. The cooperation across disciplines and institutes will produce synergies that will keep and further strengthen the leading-edge of research, education, and technology in Munich.

Sustainable Objectives

Long-term goals

With the establishment of new professorships and the set up of a common robot laboratory in Munich, CoTeSys will be the initiation of a “hub” for excellent research, fertilized by an innovative infrastructure, flexible organisation and networks of national and international scientists. CoTeSys also offers excellent training and career conditions for young researchers.

Huge Potential for Industry

Cognitive technical systems are high-tech products of the next generation. Cognitive capabilities promise innovative products with huge market potentials in automation, vehicle technology, medical products, technical services, and domestic applications. CoTeSys enjoys close ties with industrial partners in collaborative R&D and by their inclusion into the Advisory Board.

Value for the Society

The objective to enable joint action by humans together with robots, and to bring robotics into everyday life may result in a fundamental change similar to the IT revolution in the 1990s.